Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Whiskey Tango Spawn of Harry Reid

The Love Nest

Well, the word is out.

We have been informed, by an unnamed source, that Harry Reid has sired an illegitimate son somewhere in the south.

The mother of the child claims, “He drove up to my burrito emporium and ordered a Vegan Burrito. I said, ‘What the hell is a Vegan? Is that some kind of yankee burrowing critter?’ He just laughs, haughty like. Well, we start talkin and the next think I know, he has me in the parlor havin his way with me. I’m not so young any more but I’m still as fertile as river bottom dirt and I end up in a family way. The following spring my son was born and I named him after his father,  Titus Anus Reid.”