Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Great Half-White Father

Billboard in Northern Colorado
Remember the United States Postal Service
Remember Amtrak
Remember The Alamo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cindy Sheehan in Texas Protesting Bush Library and Lawnmower Repair Shops

Cindy sucks up to Hugo
Cindy Sheehan is back in Texas on a whirlwind protest tour. Sheehan and her group Special People Eschew War (SPEW) have gathered about 50 protesters across the highway from the George W. Bush Presidential Center, in Dallas, where she says she's protesting both Bush and his successor in the oval office. In addition, the collection of "activists" will serve as pre-event entertainment for the gathering of dignitaries.
Sheehan is well known for her visit to Hugo Chavez in January of 2006 and her refusal to pay the IRS for back taxes for the years 2005 and 2006. This woman is indeed a true patriot.
Refried Confusion caught up with Cindy at the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown Dallas, where she is sleeping on a bench, for an interview. We asked Sheehan about her plans for the immediate future. "It was the dying wish of Comrade Hugo Chavez that I travel to Montgomery County to protest at the world headquarters of South County Small Engine Repair to call attention to the Imperialist Gun-Toting Pig who operates this establishment. Sean Penn told me he would be there too."
Her truth is marching on...and on.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Bans Assault Handle Sauce Pans

Weapon of sauce destruction
In a bold move which has devastated the culinary world, the Obama administration has called for an all out ban on all existing assault handle equipped cooking devices.
White House spokesman, Jay Carney, recently announced that television chef Rachel Ray will be coming to all residences to confiscate these now illegal pans.
All citizens are strongly urged to register their Camo Crock Pots with the ATF. You were warned.