Monday, February 6, 2012

News with Commentary from the Burrito of Truth

A new feature with interesting news items I like along with commentary that has been telepathically received from the Burrito of Truth.

Without further ado:


A Graham, Washington man, who was a "Person of Interest" in his wife's disappearance, set fire to his residence killing himself and his two young sons.

Prior to the fire, the boys had started talking with their grandparents about the night their mother vanished. The oldest boy talked about a camping trip taken by the family and that "mommy was in the trunk" of the vehicle.

Burrito of Truth Commentary:

There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this event:

When killing your spouse DO NOT BRING THE KIDS. Drop the children off at Chuck E. Cheese's or rent them a Disney movie and leave them at home. Think about it. Based on all the adult-based crap you dish out to your kids, they will rat you out in a heartbeat.  When you stupid, your whole body suffers.

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