Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Greatest Civil Rights Issue of the 21st Century

All this time I thought we were becoming more tolerant

My Fellow Americans,

It is with great sorrow and angst that I assist in bringing this issue to the light of day. I cringe in endless shame at the thought that somehow I did not see this problem coming. What could I have done different to eradicate the evil thrust upon my brethren?

Even Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did not see this on the racial horizon.

Yes, it's true....the porn industry is racist !!!

Such is the enlightened position taken by Keli Goff in her blog, The Root:

"In an age in which multiracial families are among the fastest growing in the nation, it is hard to fathom that there is a national industry, $10 billion strong, in which interracial couplings are considered career suicide. It seems that the historical taboo of black men sleeping with white women is one sexual hang-up that even the porn industry is unwilling to get over."

On behalf of the entire human race, I wish to thank Ms. Goff for shining the Light of Justice into an otherwise dark corner of oppressive cracker history.

I implore you to write Obama and demand that white female porn stars be lawfully required to entertain black dong in every instance of porn.

Write Obama here.

God Bless America

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