Friday, August 23, 2013

More Sons of Obama

          The Disease                      

What the nation suffers is leprosy -- a scary cultural and societal decay that is only more advanced in many black and Hispanic urban communities. It's present, too, in a growing number of white underclass communities (here and in Europe). For too long, that leprosy has been spreading to the broader culture with all its attendant sickness.

We have the progressives to thank for the contagion. In fact, let's thank the left for Luna, Edwards, and Jones right now. Over the decades, the left's compassionate government policies have done to the black underclass what earlier Americans did to the Indians: made them dependents on Uncle Sam. Indians were welfare-ized and quarantined on reservations.

The nation's hoods and increasingly, barrios are modern-day reservations, where independence, initiative, self-worth, and self-respect have been stripped from residents. Where family, community, and church have been debased in favor of the government handout machine... and minority leaders who pimp their own people for gain. And... a white liberal political establishment that profits handsomely from subjugated minorities.

Please read the complete article:
The Hood Comes to Duncan, Oklahoma by J. Robert Smith

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