Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Libyan Movie Review

The Obama Administration has confirmed that recent murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was not caused by terrorists but rather well-armed militant film critics.

White House sources claim sharp-dressed, well-meaning film patrons stormed out of the Pedenjo Akbar Four Cineplex angry because the feature film, 72 Virgins Bleed and Cry for All Eternity, was followed by a Porky Pig cartoon marathon.

In addition to this clear cultural insult, the man depicted above, in the middle of the street, has his feelings hurt because there were no Halal corn dogs sold at the movie concession stand.

A local cleric, Imam Itchy al Mossface, stated, "We Muslims are just a bunch of fun guys who love good wholesome movies. But, when that pork cartoon creature appeared on the screen I felt....well, as helpless as a child. I began to cry and my tears fell into my Rasinettes and contaminated them. That calls for Jihad."

"If thou art offended by any Infidel social media, then thou art compelled to bust a cap in his lily-white ass."

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