Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is Farting a Free Speech Issue?

We ran across this story yesterday and it bears repeating.

Thanks to our brother at Iowa City Watch Dawg,, for this article which is deserving of a Pulitzer.

Man Farts Near Mosque, Beheaded

In an  act of respect for the great Muhammed, a group of angry Muslims in Cleveland, Ohio beheaded an average white guy for “passing gas” near their mosque. When one of them was asked why he did it, he responded, “Farting near a place of worship is asking for Jihad! Death to America!”

According to the police report, the man, 36 year old Stan Johannesen, a steel worker and devout Browns fan, had met a group of friends for Taco Tuesday at a local bar and was headed back to his apartment when his bowels began to loosen up. Unable to find a porta potty nearby, Johannesen figured he’d just let one rip and hope he didn’t shart. Unbeknownst to him, worshippers at the nearby mosque heard his flatulence and regarded it as another example of white Christian insensitivity to the sacred institution of Islam. After chopping off the man’s head in broad daylight, it is reported that the male attackers ate Johannesen’s testicles and displayed his body to Allah as an example of how superior and loving Islam truly can be.

Muslim President Barack Obama blames Johannesen for the incident, stating, “It’s a blatant show of arrogance and Western imperialism to fart near a mosque. He deserves what he got.” The Watchdawg will most likely receive death threats for posting this story, but the news knows no boundaries.

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