Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Texas Man The New Pope?

Pope Sonny Junior I ?

In a startling revelation Refried Confusion has learned that a Naturalized Texas Citizen, and current resident,  could become the next Pope of the Catholic Church.

Sonny Junior has a worldwide following and is known as a Redneck Renaissance Man, a lover of Pablo Picasso and good scotch.

Sonny has a mystical side as well, when this past Christmas he cured a ham and predicted that Joy Behar would be leaving The View.

In his campaign for Church Reform, Sonny has vowed that when elected, masturbation will no longer be considered a Mortal Sin, but re-classified a Class III Misdemeanor. This will free up the confessional considerably. In addition, Sonny pledges to substitute the Eucharist (communion wafer) with sliced brisket sandwiches. Side orders of beans and/or potato salad would be available at extra cost.

I'm heading over to St. Francis to light some candles and pray.


  1. I know this man, I've heard he's been arrested before; Selling Popesiscles without a liscense!

    1. That alone does not make him a bad person. I am more impressed with your use of the semicolon in the construction of the above sentence.